A prefix of greek origins, hyper means something in the realm of above/beyond.

hyper-link, a blue text we can click on. like this one link

Yesterday I discovered the reason for which I thought I was a freak is also a superpower. I’m hypersensitive.

“They tend to take in much more information from lots of different kinds of stimuli…and because they’re taking in so much at once they can get much more overstimulated, overaroused and overwhelmed.” (from link)
It is a relief to have other people labelling this part of my character and discovering that I’m not the only one beeing in distress by things that most people seems to enjoy.

Until yesterday I kept on feeling sorry for my weirdness. I generally have to rely on people being understanding of my habits. Often i have to cope with others looking at me with a funny face. Over the years I learned how to deal with it and communicate about my needs so to avoid misunderstandings. I have my ways (aka stay alone a lot). And very understanding friends. And now I also have a label.

I’m hyper-input.