"Although the fold bears some characteristics of a gap and possibly needs a gap as an entrance point, a gap is more complex trope summarizing connections between a blank internal, a pause, a lapse, a portable hole a warp, an in-between space, a fold and a void. Although it is a site and a figure of speech based on geometric, it tends to deny established spatial relationships: a gap is not in-between nor is above, nor inside - it is a pure deterritorialized transmitter of affects. Its exact location is not known but wherever there is a gap, it reaffirms a possibility of the world being not fully flat and transparent.
Even if it is a fundamentally erroneous concept like zero, it consoles our desire for there to be more than it seems, that there is something behind that we could be privileged to access. Being a signifier of the unsonifier, it raises gap-poetic questions. Would there still be a gap if there is nothing around? Is there time inside the gap of time? Is there 'inside' where the gap is? Is a gap comparable to the window to the Real, or is it just one of the flat multiple surfaces? Where does it begin? How can you own it?
...a gap does not begin somewhere but rather functions as a site of beginning. We should therefore consider revising the most abused statement that artists are filling the gaps! First it is impossible to fill a gap because it is neither a container nor an absence...
What is a human? Nothing but a gap. A gap is what we are. Man means a gap. Woman means gap. A gap is a time that only knows itself through its gap, a lapse in the infinite memory of the Universe that does not stop and doesn't start, that breathes like the waves of the ocean, like bang and big bang, like physical love, to and fro, like respiration. We are like dizzy animal that thinks of the line when everything whispers, in is picked ears that is not a line, it is...a circle. The circle is gapless, the line is the pure illusion of a gap, it produces the gap somewhere, virtually, behind, further, the gap is the projection, the teleology, the illusion of an historical past, a predicted future. There is no prediction, says the second person in the elevator as he passes the 13th floor, there is diction, dixit: the word only the word. In the beginning there was that. The word names the gap, the word names its closure. The trap of transcendence is in transcendence, and vice versa, vice and versa. Which is why we wonder stupidly if we were incarnated before or what will happen after we have 'shed our mortal coil'. The truth is simple we can't fathom it in our Cartesian world of relatives values, but it is this: we weren't, are and won't be, it is just this and this is it - the kaleidoscope of every time, ever-space, everlasting, nonexistent, no exit, no entrance. We are present. We live on the 13th floor, but we fuck up, we slam, we unhinge, we swing on the kitchen door...we go through, past, return, onto, at, for, in order to, but we don't stay. Stay at the doorway, half-opened enthralled. It's the design, our design, we are designed to forget, and by means of forgetting we have the possibility of remembering."

  • Raimundas Malasauskas-