First steps on

This tool is a training camp for collective thinking. Briefly its functionalities:

FRAGMENT: Everything on is a fragment, a page, a node that can be filled with content. All the fragments create a network.

REFERENCES: the link on top are the fragments connected

FORKS: the links at the bottom are the fragments that were forked.

NEW: create a new fragment, a node.

FORK: the basic functionality of is that it allows artists to connect things. snippets of thought, sketches, artworks, references and doubts.

Once you forked a fragment, you have 3 possibilities.

  • text: you can add text
  • image: you can add an image up to 1MB
  • copy content from original: you can copy the elements from the fragment you forked into your own fragment and elaborate it

if you click on advance you can edit the the css style of your own fragment

all fragments you create, new or forked, are automatically forked to your "me" fragment.

This are the basic functionalities, some more such as advance forking, title ecc can be discovered under guideline.

Have fun!