Terminology from the menu and instructions to the buttons on beta.vorstellen.network

On the right top corner of the display

  • login as an operator* you can login by inserting your email and your password

  • me / your email address you can click here, and land on your operator fragment page, where you can see and edit the information added about yourself. All the fragment created are listed at the bottom, and are automatically forked from your own operator fragment.

  • logout you can logout by clicking


  • new create a new fragment.

  • fork create a new fragment connected to an already existing fragment.

  • pin save the fragment you are visiting but want to fork at a later point on your pinned page.

  • edit you want to change the content of your own fragment, or it's style or the relations? then click on edit and you will be able to do all of these operations in the editing interface.

  • edit style you want to change the style of your fragment by coding CSS and seeing the changes directly previewed when you do.

  • style off you want to see the fragment without the css you implemented, but with the beta standard design, then you can switch your css momentarly off with this button.

On the left top corner of the display, by opening the drop down menu

  • pinned a fragment connected to your account and invisible to others, with a list of pinned fragment, saved via the PIN button

  • treats a fragment with a collection of newsletter that were sent to the community to explaining the functioning and the idea behind the website.

  • random this is a function: by clicking here, one random fragment will appear for you. When you refresh the page, another random fragment appears.

  • all fragments this is another function, you will find here a list of all the fragments that were created by the community of operators (the newest are always on top). It is possible to choose if one wants to see them as a grid, or as a list.

  • search for fragments this is another function, on this fragment it is possible to search for fragments via words or numbers.

  • operators all the operators are forked from this fragment.

  • guidelines by navigating here, you will find small tutorials, informations about the technical development of the platform, or how to do something on the vorstellen.network performance

  • chronotopics here we have a series of scheduled events or whatever takes place in a specific temporality. By extension, this could be a way to signify that you fork for a purpose relating to a specific time frame. It could work as a call for allies in forking who identify with the given tempo.

  • expand the network invite an operator* to join the performance

  • report a problem if the software goes banana, here is the link to our git repository, leave us a comment