food and communication over time and across physical distance.

Dear Micha,

fond of analogy, I like your interpretation.

Sometimes meeting in space and around a table is like a good pasta. An intake of carbs that make your muscles happy and the metabolism to slow during the digestive moment. You might have a sugar high and then a pasta coma.

Communicating in a shared space: loss of control, excitement, and then tired. Afterwards a break is needed, to recover thoughts, forgetting useless excitement, and let the good stuff that came up to settle down.

Sometimes nothing settles: physical presence, words, lough, nothing; a boring meeting we will forget.

Until we get together again, in another moment, another galaxy.. and maybe this time there will be sparkles.

In this scenario dreams and inspirations, good memories and vibes kick in.

Then you know you want to keep on discussing.

It’s like fermented food: you need to have patience, if you prepare it well, then it will taste great for months.

Or dried mushrooms.

… and honey: it lasts centuries.

It is actually a question of care and preparation.

And luck.

I remember a visit at some museum when I was still a child. There was Egyptian bread. It was millennial and green, but it was bread and it still was there to look at.

I probably wouldn’t eat it though.

We can still read amazing chronicles from the distant past, communicating with ghosts by answering.

It’s a past that still reaches us. Like the light of a distant star.

But maybe we also reach the past, energy travelling from a field of concentration.

A treat to be together through spacetime distance.

.. maybe it is time to prepare the mousse and share it for a very present experience in a special now that tastes so sweet.