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What is the collective?
I don't know, and I doubt that anyone does. I have never read anything that taught it to me. I have sometimes lived through certain events that make a little light in this dark. And sometimes, next to a dinner companion. This black category of collective, group, class, caste, whatever, is it a being in turn, or a cluster of relations?

Michel Serres: The Parasite


Dear friends,
      and friends of colleagues,

we have gathered here together today to attempt a quick fix for an old [Ella, please come up with the right term to be used here, we are too tired from today's hike and nobody here has the right word to put in place]. Together.

Take a deep breath and keep an eye on others in the room. The one who keeps the breath the longest... (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ) Well, anyway, can you see how much this brought us together? We aren't witnessing an experiment here. We are juggling with the proof! Emergency personnel is stand-by in case anyone turned blue trying to win the race. We are in this together.

The kettle goes off.
[lunch break]
[to be continued]

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