On the 6th of May 2021 I attended a lecture by Elisabeth Lebovici.

It was an impressive art historical analysis about aids pandemic, Felix Gonzales Torres, corona pandemic, demonstration in Paris, artistic language in demontrations. I cannot rebuild it coherently, only feelings and data, some images.

It made me start thinking about the significance of an amount of words, in relation to so many discussion I am having with fellow artists.

I ask myself, and I ask others.
I attempt to answer by I need we to answer. I miss a dialogue, something lost to discurse. A discurse which is fading, statement afer statement. A feed of statements, meaning everything until they mean nothing no more.

what does collaboration mean in the individualistic society we live into?

Can Ideas stay next to each other, complementing each other? Can we stay together by being apart, each with its individuality, next to each other, creating a relational network? Or we need always one person conveying the energy, collecting snippets? When is working with others different form working for others?

what does remuneration mean in a society obsessed by the value of money?

c. 1400, remuneracioun, from Old French remuneracion and directly from Latin remunerationem (nominative remuneratio) "a repaying, recompense," noun of action from past-participle stem of remunerari "to pay, reward," from re- "back" (see re-) + munerari "to give," from munus (genitive muneris) "gift, office, duty"

Interestingly enough the word seem to have come into use at the same time when the market started to develop and the use of clocktime started to be in used in Europe -> see Jacque Le Goff, Pour un autre Moyen age

what does gratification mean in a society used to the like button?

I personally love when people think my thinking further. I also love to think stuff other people thought further, I disagree to develop, I dialogue to understand, I make to express.

I think I am gratified when people develop upon my making.

I believe I might understand this as collective thinking. Agreeing is not the point, the dialogue is.

what is the significance of a statement among thousands of statements?

A statement, the words comes from state. It implicitly point to a stability, words to fix something that will never be fixed, because everything moves.

How can we fix society when everything is transforming constantly? It makes me think of a diamond, a structure of carbon atoms, staying together in a really stable way. Atoms are composed of particles, and particles are fields, and even though a diamond is hard, and seems stable, it is a process.

We can't fix society, it is alive, it moves. A statement is a phrase. it appears and then it dissolves. It is not a safe place to hide behind.