treat us!

Dear Operators,

We hope you had a great summer, and now around the September equinox, we are back!
Although things have been quiet from our side, things developed.
We are finally working on a new design for the platform, and there will be new features coming soon.
You can still use the old design but if you want to try out the new interface go here:
Your login, the content and the usability is the same.. In case you need direction contact us!

Also we started an hackathon with the following operators:
Gianmaria Andreetta, Luzie Meyer, Martin Kohout, Lucas Odahara, Elena Peytchinska, Claire Tolan
Expect to see more activity over and around the mail art archive in the coming month! And expect some treats coming from other people than us.

In fork we trust,
Elisa & Axelle & Philipp