From: Elisa Storelli <>
Sent: Thursday, May 6, 2021 3:44:19 PM
To: roba - Alle Studierende der Klasse Rosa Barba
Subject: A collaboration between you, me, Robert Rehfeldt and William Carlos Williams

Dear everybody,

The talk this morning was very inspiring, so I had some (more) thoughts.

In the tradition of mail artists such as Ray Johnson and Robert Rehfehldt I would like to invite you to continue, complement and finish the attached composition.

It's a pdf. print it, use it as such, add images, drawing or add it to your own collaborative project.. some of you ask precise gestures of us to use, and rework. This is my gesture to all of you to use as you please (or not).

Beware that the work you will do with it will become our work, not anymore mine, or yours, a network of ideas.
It is collaboration.