I was named Melody after my great grand mother.

I get payed to restore people's reputations after they have become subject to defamations of any kind. It is a highly risky business, because if someone finds out that I am subtly influencing and manipulating private views and public opinions, often my life is at stake. The job sort of just came to me, because there was a lot of gossip in my school when I grew up. I realized that language is the most powerful tool of domination. And I guess I felt out of control in other areas of my life, so knowing I had the ability to direct people's perceptions made me feel more at ease.

I am not afraid of dieing. I just try not to, because I enjoy the small things in life, such as the smell of sex lingering in my bedroom, and horseback riding.
My only fear is to lose my sense of balance.
I lost my sense of balance once when I was in my twenties, and it was a horriffic experience which confined me to a hospital bed for several weeks. I felt incapacitated and completely helpless.

To overcome this fear, I would probably have to undergo some sort of radical exposure therapy, maybe rodeo riding in Las Vegas or something like that. To get me to go there would require an enormous amount of convincing. I would have to get a reward. I guess money would do the trick, if it were a really big amount.

I click my tongue obsessively without noticing. It is a nervous tick that I acquired. People get very irritated with me constantly.

I want to earn enough money to stop working and travel to the mass grave my great grandmother Melody was buried in. I want to find the remains of her body with the help of a private eye, or on my own, I don't care. I want to do her the last honor that she never received.

For me to earn enough money with restoring reputations in order to travel to the mass grave will take way too long. My dream of retrieving the bones of my great grand mother cannot realistically be achieved. I would have to get a new job to earn more money. But I am leaning on the simultaneous sense of risk and control that the job gives me.

I sit at the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing wildly. I am nature's toy.

My patron deity is Hades, the god of the dead and the king of the underworld.

I think it is okay to lie, to steal, and yes, also to kill, as long as one does it out of solidarity or sometimes compassion.

This happens sometimes, and I would take cover or draw my dagger to defend myself.

I have no accents, and I have a great posture.