Pause Practice #1

Here is a great example of taking a break from a great burden deal with daily at our headquarters. Suggested by a fellow forker:

The skin-ego/Moi-peau condition is one of permeability and porosity.

The skin not as a border, but as the life sustaining web that extends beyond the structure and materiality of the body.

We kept this fantasy that a human being was a pile of bones, erected vertically. In this image, the skin is detachable.

We recommend you peel by small pieces, slowly and with intention. Taking deep breaths, exhaling through your nose. However, while taking your time, remember to set a timer and get back into your skin on time to return to work, fully recharged from this excercise. If any dead skin doesn't stick back to its original location, collect it in a matchstick box and set it sail over the nearest pond.