Feuilles Volantes


Feuilles Volantes are a single-page paper, printed in risography. In the course of the Biennale, eight pages are being published, at the rate of one page every other week. Those “Flying Leaves” are distributed according to the following designated calendar, in the parks and on the beach, thanks to a cargo-bicycle. The contents of each publication are drawn directly from the online platform vorstellen.network which allows the artists to share contents, through an open-source model inspired by Wikipedia. Behind this perspective hides an idea of art as conversation, to which the temporary form of a paper is given during the Biennale.

Distribution calendar, every other Saturday:
11.06, 25.06, 9.07, 23.07, 6.08, 20.08, 3.09, 17.09

Mobile device from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m
Fixed meeting point from 4 to 4.30 p.m. at Willem Oorebeeks sculpture "Getting the Books Out"

Contents: operators/vorstellen.network
Artistic direction: Axelle Stiefel
Associate collaborator: Elisa Storelli
Developer: Philipp Klein
Graphic Design: Salome Schmuki
Printing: Matteo Dufour
Newsletter: Laura-Issé Tusevo
Accessory: Benjamin Mengistu Navet
Idea: Elisa Storelli, Philipp Klein, Axelle Stiefel

Subsidised by the City of Geneva
With the support of FCAC Genève, DCS et Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture