"There is the body objectified by medicine (the medical gaze), but there is also the proper body which is usually in the background and allows us to represent the world, to go towards the world and to be affected by the world (via the senses). In good health this body is experienced as a whole (in German "Der Leib"): I am body. In case of illness, this body manifests itself, some parts are experienced more consciously, and become objectified by the sick person (in German "Körper"): I have a body. Then there is the imagined, symbolic, socialized and domesticated body. And with others it becomes a social body and an inter-corporality unfolds. This body also takes shape according to the development or the stops of development, the representations as they are influenced by the emotions, the experiences, the glance of others, the media, the societal ideals .... There is not only one body, but multiple." f.stiefel