Berlin Pixels

This is an experiment by Berlin based Wearing Pixels collective to collaboratively, organically create a digital garment. Anyone can download and modify and the garment (using Clo3d/Marvelous Designer software) and re-upload for others to continue the chain, by following the instructions below.


  1. Right click on the above broken image (not the preview image) and select "open in new tab" to download the clo .zprj file.
  2. Open the clo project file and edit the garment/project however you like.
  3. When you are ready to share, return to this page and select Fork, and then "Copy content from original"
  4. Remove/replace the first/first/preview image with the .png preview generated by Clo.
  5. Remove/Replace the second image with the .zprj clo project file: Select Upload image, then in the file type in the bottom right, change to "all files". Then browse for your .zprj file. It may take some seconds to upload.
  6. Click on "Advanced" at the bottom of the page and paste in the following .css code:

.fragment {
color: black;

.fragment img {

  1. Click Save

Please note:

  1. Be considerate of file sizes! Some clo .zprj files can be very large, and increase server costs as a result! In general, avoid high poly count avatars and using fabrics with large textures.
  2. You may not be able to upload files greater than 50mb in any case (depending on server settings).
  3. The advanced (css) options force the non-image .zprj file to appear as a broken picture. If you change the css img fragment, you may be unable to see and download the broken img / .zprj file. If you cannot see the broken image, check the css has an img fragment.
  4. Please keep these instructions for future users. If you wish to add some text description to your design, use an additional text section.