A treat to vorstellen

Dear Operators,

We renamed this newsletter into “a treat to vorstellen” (about the word see https://vorstellen.network/1a1675ba-2d39-4118-886c-58f5970b23c2)

We send these emails to all operators, as primary recipients, so that we can contact each other in the event that we would like a more direct way than the poetics involved on the vorstellen tool.*

Last time, we asked you to describe yourself, and luckily some among us completed the task.

On that base, we would like herewith to e-introduce you to each other. We will start by those of us who have updated the operator “me” page, hopefully the other operators will be inspired to let us all know more about themselves.

We will start easily: us, the tool’s developers!

Elisa likes time and systems to show some of its characteristics: https://vorstellen.network/6c0688a6-ff41-4d02-85e1-d83ed676586e

Axelle likes to connect and create red threads https://vorstellen.network/6918ea49-d108-40fa-a9b6-35d3f79afa82

Philipp loves pizza, cooking, simple and smart software solutions https://vorstellen.network/b36648d0-49ef-4fa4-a6ea-624da45a3ea5

And we will go on with two other operators:

Léa likes to fish in horizontal position (or the vorstellen bug decided on helping her to defy gravity) and observes movements of decentralization https://vorstellen.network/f0119e19-69e4-4da4-bee5-17f7bd87378d

La Dépendance is a holiday cottage in St.Imier, where Jan coordinates a thoughtful residency program for artists https://vorstellen.network/48f1f65f-c46f-4f95-b60f-2352601e9280

The inspiration for this occasion:

Do you remember the concept of pen pals? People that would write to each other per postal mail… Paulo Bruscky & Robert Rehfeldt were mail art pals: they sent themselves works from east Germany to Brazil over a decade and met just later once.

Mail artists share intimately by post : thoughts, sketches and information. What they do is relational art, they are aware this could go from a forgotten archive, to a museum, and on the internet.


Big hugs!

*If you don’t want to be part of the performance anymore or you don’t want to receive our messages, please let us know!