Dear Operators,

This time we would like to invite you to edit your personal operator fragment, the one you reach when you are logged in and click on the hyperlink “me”.

This fragment is automatically created when you are signed up, and it just states your name, but you can edit it very easily.

We propose you three ways of doing it:

  1. the simple way: add information about yourself, what you do and like, how we can contact you

  2. the anonymous way: assign yourself an avatar name and anonymise your activity

  3. your way: surprise us!

Tipp of the week:
In the advanced section at the bottom of your fragment, you can pimp with colours and motion and everything CSS allows.
(btw this can be done to all fragments)

In the meantime we leave you with this:

… and if you are bored at home waiting for this grey winter to pass, fork a bit, don’t just drink warm and dark coffee!

Best wishes and have a wonderful weekend,
Axelle, Elisa and Philipp

PS: please contact us if you have difficulties with the network. We know about issues relating to image rotation, sometimes login problems. If the latter happens, think of erasing the history and cookies in your browser. The software is still in development and if you let us know what is not working, we try to make it better :)