Hello dear operators,

We are happy you joined us on
We developed this relational tool to facilitate an imagining together to imagine apart, and especially now when we are to be physically apart, let's fork together.

We decided to create a newsletter. Point is to give a trigger, some rhythmic impulse and to have a possibility to contact each other.

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We are changing some terminology on the website, relate to this fragment if you feel a bit lost:

We have picked up a couple of new fragments for you to look at and fork:
1 90d9db53 - "337e3a22 - "Prospect Cottage (Perfect Lo" by "Xiaoer Liu"
3 3ffd7085 - "VORSTELLEN-OPERATING TEAM : Philipp
4 82884b42 - "BOH" by "Elisa Storelli"

Tipp: upon entering the platform, start by clicking the function called “random” as a warm up.

A lot of things are flexible and can be co-designed or re-designed on this platform. Since everything is a fragment whose ID is defined by association, there are no fixed categories even if we thought they were. This is as much an advantage as it can be overwhelming. Pay attention in the coming weeks of how things take shape. The platform is a performance, a living thing.

Last but not least, we leave you with this:

I think I’ll serve some toast today
Oh no, there is no butter
Perhaps I’ll find some jelly or jam
Amidst the cupboard’s clutter
Sadly to say there is
no thing
To spread upon my bread
I’m forced to poke this knife
Into my hungry head
I bet inside there is mayonnaise
And something like smoked ham
My eyes can serve as olives
To garnish the sandwich I am

Frances Stark,
The Architect and the Housewife,
London: Book Works, 1999

Fork like you think and enjoy the journey!

Axelle, Elisa and Philipp

Post Scriptum:
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