prosthesis treat

Dear Operators,

The time is out of joint, but when the sun shines again, your brain cells couldn’t care less. The sun becomes your only certainty. Today we would like to give you a fragment to fork that is almost as certain and friendly: A sun salutation.

Here’s the challenge: Find a way to implement this idea on the platform in the suitable expression to your liking.

We go on to introduce a few other of us:

Elena, Xiaoer and Lea have been given some thought about lines, and we like lines! What about you?

Textures and lines from Elena
Leftover lines from Lea
Push up effect from Xiaoer

Do ghosts invite themselves within lines, like in the recordings Octave is evoking ?

And last but not least: about the name of these newsletters!

A treat is what we send you to create new rhythmic impulses.
A treat does not leave oneself indifferent, hopefully. It does something to you and with you.

You may have noticed that on, there is no notification system with pop up messages and alerts. Eventually, you forget to check about it. You may have noticed that the intention of the newsletter is to personalise, instead of anonymise.

Learning to use the platform involves simultaneous unlearning of digital behaviors that have become as natural to our body as vitamin D while sunbathing.

From the viewpoint of the backend, the tool is simple. The frontend is no less simple. But the innovation implied in this simplicity can surprise the sleek-interface user. A technological innovation does not declare itself in a demonstration of force, with the newest technology, the fanciest interface, or the heaviest infrastructure. Think of how simple the idea of data was, when Ada Lovelace conceived it. So simple that her name disappeared in the course of consecutive technological revolutions. And yet every technological innovation creates irritation, because it impacts the human being and demands adaptation. According to Marshall McLuhan these adaptations give birth to cyber-prostheses

Think of the treat as such a prosthesis.

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

Let it shine! Take care:)