gravitational treat

Dear Operators,

After driving your attention to a post scriptum to last treat, we would like to introduce you to the
SUNtastic responses to our challenge A Sun Salutation:

A sun salutation (as I fantasize) and Alps in the sun by Léa
Une poésie de SAN by Anna-Livia

Today’s treat will be about forking.

It is not only important to write successively, but to know who will succeed me in a constellation of meanings.
What is descent?

Um Falcao no Punho. Diario I.
(1985) Maria Gabriela Llansol is a peer to peer exchange. It implies the confidence that what is beneficial to the network is also to your work.

In a time of loss of privacy, joint to social distancing that puts the individual onto a lot of pressure, due to the invasiveness of digital activity, the platform claims this difference: a form of shared intimacy can be reached collectively with the means of art. Moreover the feeling of being close while being apart in the act of vorstellen can be one of care.

The platform gives you the possibility to reconnect neglected things, simply because they are not subjected to algorithms or hidden agendas embedded in the coding. The whole structure is open and is constantly changing by your action. That’s why we call it a performance, as well as a celebration.

Someone forking your fragment is a party! Who would have thought? Try it, so another one can make the experience. See this as a treat too!

And be assured of our gratitude, we make a little dance each time someone dares to fork and the network enhances its celebration!

gravita con noi