Dear Operators, invites itself into your dreams... Think of this as an ADIEU to the timeline: let’s celebrate a multitude of narrative threads!

And here we go by introducing you to:

Sabrina and her button.. Wow!

This made us think of something: each fragment could be seen as a button, sometimes standing alone in a context and sometimes being connected to other similar buttons.

And yes, it is the difference between “fork” and “new”. When you create a fragment with new, the button stands alone in the context of the platform. If you instead want to engage with another button and develop a thread you can do it in two ways: by forking the fragment you are interested in, or by later on adding the link of the fragment you want to engage with, in the advanced section at the bottom of the editor.

Following our first jitsi treat, Elena blew our minds with her vision of a kind of forking we could not have foreseen. A forking without content, which lies only in the interconnections that prepare the field to potential exchanges. Poetry it is !

Dreaming of forks

We are dreaming.. Yes! More implementations for, but Philipp needs a treat too. Since winter is back, and we cannot cheer the sun, please enter Philipp’s spring:



And again

We greet you for the weekend!

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For those who joined later, previous treats are here: